Passionate Cheating Sex in a Hotel Room

We met online. Her screen name was blonde_affair and I couldn’t help but appreciate that she was making her intentions clear from the outset. I was searching for the same thing and we connected immediately. I know cheating is awful. I also know that when I was online searching that I was in a desperate place. A sexless marriage is one you should probably get out of, but sometimes that’s not possible or smart. I won’t bore you with the details though. You want to hear about the sex, the sex toys and all that happened I’m sure.

From the start she was the sort of woman I was looking for. After just a few emails she attached a picture of her in a short skirt and skintight top, telling me it’s the kind of outfit she used to wear for her husband but had long since given up on. Her body was toned and athletic; perhaps she was a housewife with plenty of time for working out. We never got into personal details, preferring to keep things strictly sexual.

More pictures were exchanged and soon our emails turned dirty as we detailed the exceedingly naughty things we wanted to do to each other. A brief clip from one of hers:

“I want to get on my knees, pull out your cock, and swallow you whole. I want to feel you down my throat, throbbing in my mouth, and exploding on your tongue. I want to swallow your cum, to let it rest in my stomach so that you’re a part of me.”

I came to that description and the rest of her exceedingly dirty email. I sent her one back filled with the same sort of naughty expressions of lust and we soon agreed to meet. We set a meeting at a coffee shop knowing nothing would happen. We just wanted to get a feel for each other in what could very well have been seen as a business meeting by anyone else there.

She was breathtaking in person and had clearly gone to great lengths to look good (I did too, of course). There was a brief hug and we ordered our coffees before sitting down for a chat. The chemistry was immediate. She was so charming and gorgeous and all I could think about was how badly I wanted to fuck her.

As we walked towards our cars together I had to resist reaching over to touch her. She was so fantastically arousing and I wanted to be inside her right then. She stopped abruptly at an SUV, announcing it was her car. I put my hand out to shake hers, trying to keep up the appearance of it being a business meeting, and she moved in for a kiss.

Our mouths opened immediately and her tongue invaded mine aggressively. My sense of chemistry clearly wasn’t one-sided. It was a quick kiss but I had a raging erection by the time it was over, something she clearly took note of.

Looking down at the bulge in my pants she said “I want that inside me as soon as possible.”

I felt the same way and it was soon arranged that we would meet at a hotel the next week. She checked in first and texted me the room number. She answered the door dressed in a black satin robe, stockings, and sexy black high heels from hot passion website. It was a jaw dropping ensemble that held the promise of a surprise underneath the satin.

“Welcome, handsome,” she said in an alluring voice, beckoning me inside.

The kiss we shared this time was slow and passionate with her hands running through my hair and mine at her waist, holding her tight and enjoying the smooth feeling of the satin.

“I need you inside me,” she said, her tone matching the overwhelming lust I felt.

She untied the robe, letting it fall to the floor to reveal a garter belt and a sheer black camisole that sat gently against her breasts. I stripped as quickly as I could, kicking off my shoes, unbuttoning my shirt, and yanking my belt off. The sexual satisfaction and intimate connection that had been lacking in my marriage for years was at my fingertips and I couldn’t wait any longer.

She was on her back in the bed, her legs alluringly parted and her pussy glistening. She pointed to the box of condoms on the nightstand and I quickly rolled one down my rigid shaft before taking my place on top of her in the bed. Her hand grabbed my latex-wrapped shaft and guided it to the entrance of her pussy, rubbing it between her labia while we kissed. My hands were all over her breasts, playing with them through the soft fabric of her camisole while she moaned into my mouth.

Fully aroused and eager to be filled she placed my between her lips and urged me to slip into her. “Fuck me,” she whispered into my ear and I needed no further encouragement.

I pushed fully inside her, pausing briefly while looking into her beautiful eyes. My thrusts were slow and sensual at first as we got familiar with each other. She was tight and even though I had a condom on I could feel her incredible warmth. Even more arousing was her wild desire. Just like me she had long since given up on being sexually satisfied in her marriage and all that pent up need had begun to flow when I first pushed inside her.

She wrapped her nylon-clad legs around me, urging me deeper inside her. The feel of them against my skin was electric and I could feel the lust in my loins building as the pace of my thrusts picked up.

Underneath me she moaned as we kissed and when our lips broke their contact she quietly urged me to fuck her.

“Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me,” came from her mouth with moans of lust in between.

I was in a place of pure bliss. In that moment I knew exactly why people would cheat on their husbands and wives and not think about it. It was great sex precisely because we were cheating. Cheating on my wife with this beautiful woman that was desperate for lusty pleasure was mind blowing. As that incredible reality sunk over me I came, filling the condom with my seed while my lover climaxed beneath me.

That was only the first orgasm of the day for the both of us and many more followed. She sucked me off once, showing her incredible oral talents and urging me to cum in her mouth so she could swallow. She told me that she knew I couldn’t cum in her pussy but she wanted some of me inside her. What a thrill that was. I ate her pussy multiple times, enjoying the taste and the exceptional wetness driven by her desire. We fucked numerous times too. All afternoon and into the evening we existed in sexual bliss. The guilt set in later, but to be honest it didn’t last as long as you might imagine. The sex was too good for that.

VelvaFeel Flutter Heart Stimulator

Wow! I had never owned one of these before but I took a chance after a friend recommended it to me from and I was blown away by how good it feels.

This little pink gem is 5” and only requires 3 button cell batteries which are included when you first buy this, unlike some other vibrators which is a win for me and with the silicone being super soft to the touch it felt more natural than most vibrators.

It features a heart shaped clit stimulator which is waterproof and the curved design means it targets the G-Spot perfectly providing deep strong vibrations during both penetration and clitoral stimulation so with both my G-Spot and Clit being stimulated I was won over with this item.

In my opinion the shape definitely works in favour for this little gem and the vibrations really are deep and satisfying. This has to be the best G-Spot toy on the market so far.

The packaging just a plastic container and it doesn’t come with a pouch or box to store it in which is a bit of a let down for me as I prefer to keep my toys in pouches or boxes to stop them from being destroyed but do not let this put you off getting this little gem. The best priced orgasm available so far and I will highly recommend this to anyone looking for a G-Spot stimulator.

This has just become my favourite toy of all time.