VelvaFeel Flutter Heart Stimulator

Wow! I had never owned one of these before but I took a chance after a friend recommended it to me from and I was blown away by how good it feels.

This little pink gem is 5” and only requires 3 button cell batteries which are included when you first buy this, unlike some other vibrators which is a win for me and with the silicone being super soft to the touch it felt more natural than most vibrators.

It features a heart shaped clit stimulator which is waterproof and the curved design means it targets the G-Spot perfectly providing deep strong vibrations during both penetration and clitoral stimulation so with both my G-Spot and Clit being stimulated I was won over with this item.

In my opinion the shape definitely works in favour for this little gem and the vibrations really are deep and satisfying. This has to be the best G-Spot toy on the market so far.

The packaging just a plastic container and it doesn’t come with a pouch or box to store it in which is a bit of a let down for me as I prefer to keep my toys in pouches or boxes to stop them from being destroyed but do not let this put you off getting this little gem. The best priced orgasm available so far and I will highly recommend this to anyone looking for a G-Spot stimulator.

This has just become my favourite toy of all time.